Volunteer for Build Week Sept. 24-27


The playground expansion will not need as many unskilled and skilled volunteers as the original build week in 2008.  However, we still need about 30 people per shift with three shifts per day from Sept. 24 to 28. 

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Volunteer to fund raise


Many hands make light work! We have ongoing fund raisers so call to volunteer. If you are part of a church or service group that would like to hold a fundraiser for the playground, let us help you promote it!

Volunteer to provide a meal


Help us feed all the hard-working volunteers. Are you a restaurant, church or service group? Sign up to provide a meal. We serve lunch and supper during build week.


Volunteer for Port Washington's Farmers Market Bake Sale


Are  you part of a church or service group that likes to bake? The playground has a booth at Port Washington's Farmers Market every Saturday and we would like to have bake sales and need your help to raise money!

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More than 2,500 helped build Possibility Playground in 2008.

Join us as we make the playground even better Sept. 23-28, 2019.